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The most popular types of paints: Paints come in different gloss levels; Here are the most important concepts of available paints: • Flat paints without gloss (dull look): Flat paints are applied to irregular ceilings and walls to help hide imperfections. Not recommended in places with high humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens. • eggshell coating: The paint is more lustrous than flat paint, which makes it easier to clean and gives a more glossy appearance, and can be used to provide a lower gloss finish. • Satin paint: It is usually recommended for most walls, although it is less glossy, it is easier to clean than flat paint due to its higher content of binders and is usually less glossy than eggshell paint. • Semi-gloss paints: Best paint for durable, washable surfaces such as windows, doors, wood trimmings and other woodwork, as these surfaces are more susceptible to dust and fingerprints than walls • glossy paints: Provides a tough, washable finish for moisture-prone spaces that require resistance to moisture, dirt and grease, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

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