Electromechanical Equipment installation and maintenance

The company provides a range of electromechanical services in the electricity and energy sector, including electricity generation and transmission projects, water treatment and desalination projects, as well as electromechanical projects for oil and gas companies… Our company does the following: 1) Industrial Services We offer the following services Maintenance, repair and maintenance services Industrial equipment installation Specialized industrial cleaning and maintenance Operation and pressure washing Air conditioning maintenance Cleaning ducts and suction fans Cleaning ovens and dryers 2) Mechanical services We provide all mechanical solutions in our industrial and commercial services Machine installation and installation maintenance metal structures Installation of tanks and pipes. industrial services Installation and maintenance of distribution stations and electrical transformers. 3) HVAC services We provide all integrated industrial services for air conditioning lines Geometric designs Manufacturing and installation supply the exams maintenance services 4) Fire prevention and control services We provide customers with various fire prevention and control systems. The systems we install operate automatically by linking to smoke and heat detectors, and we also offer manual devices. The following are the units that we install for protection and firefighting: Installing firefighting systems with pumps and sprinklers. Installing firefighting pumps Installing manual extinguishing cylinders smoke detectors heat detectors Installation of fire hose boxes

Some of the works carried out by our company


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