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Any installation of wood floors over a concrete slab should only be carried out after there is a polyethylene vapor barrier on the floor where the concrete slab is laid and over the concrete slab. This is to prevent moisture from the floor from penetrating into the concrete slab, which could cause the wooden floor to swell or warp. Steps for installing wooden floors over concrete slab: 1- Moisture test on concrete slab before installing wooden floors over concrete slab: Before implementing wood flooring over a concrete slab, it is necessary to test the concrete for the moisture content it contains. Since wood is more susceptible to moisture disturbance, the test will ensure the durability of wood floors over the concrete surface. If the concrete floor fails the test, certain conditions must be provided to correct the moisture penetration problem, otherwise the plan of the wooden floor must be dropped. 2- Rubber Mat Test Before Installing Wood Flooring Over Concrete Slab: The test is performed by placing a flat rubber mat on the board. The rubber mat should not have any corrugations and weight should be placed on it to prevent moisture loss. The entire arrangement is left undisturbed overnight. The next day, if water marks appear on the covered area when the rubber mat is removed, this means that moisture is trapped within the concrete. The method becomes useless if the surface of the board is not light in color. 3- Calcium chloride test before installing wooden floors over concrete slab: The calcium chloride test is used by applying a quarter teaspoon of dry calcium chloride crystals. Anhydrous calcium chloride is placed inside a three-inch-diameter putty ring on the board. Here the plate is covered with glass so that the crystals are completely closed from the air. It is kept undisturbed for 12 hours. If the crystals have melted after 12 hours, this means that the board is too wet to have solid ground on top of it. 4- Phenolphthalein test before installing wooden floors over concrete slab: Three percent of the phenolphthalein solution contained in grain alcohol is applied in drops to different areas on the slab. If the red color develops within a few minutes, it shows the presence of a moist alkaline substance on top of it. Therefore, it is advisable not to have hard floors above it. 5- Polyethylene film test before installing wooden floors over concrete slab: A square foot transparent polyethylene film is placed over the board. The ends are sealed with tape. The arrangement is left for 24 hours. After this time, if mists or drips are observed on the polyethylene cover, the board is not suitable for laminate floors. Otherwise, laminate flooring can be carried out. 6- Preparation of concrete slab for wooden floors: Two methods of preparing concrete slab for wood floors are the installation of plywood in the form of a slab and the method of using wood screeds. These methods are usually used for residential purposes only

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